Welcome to National Legal Staffing Support

National Legal Staffing Support is a pioneer and leading provider of legal process outsourcing (LPO). As a single resource for consumer protection law and defense firms, we offer world-class paralegal, legal support, and pre-litigation services. Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Boca Raton, Florida and boasting an extensive network of attorneys, National Legal Staffing Support leverages the power of its legal process outsourcing and becomes your front and back office support, handling client calls, case management, legal research, pleadings, filings and more. With National Legal Staffing Support (NLSS), your team grows, but your overhead does not. Your NLSS team consists of experts in various disciplines who work together to provide you with the following:

  • Paralegal services
  • Case management
  • Legal research
  • Education
  • Lawsuit, arbitration or mediation preparation
  • National Legal Staffing Support allows the attorneys in my office an opportunity to concentrate on the practice of law, and our clients have never been happier.–Chantel Grant, Esq., GM Law Firm, LLC


Never before have attorneys realized this much demand for their services in such a short time frame. In order to manage this extreme spike in business, many firms are turning to legal process outsourcing. National Legal Staffing Support can hlep you grow your practice without increasing your overhead; so once the demand plateaus, your firm remains steady.

Our Offices

National Legal Staffing Support’s offices are located in the South City Plaza office building in beautiful downtown Boca Raton, Florida.