Stellar Legal Process Outsourcing

Wanted: Legal associate with at least two years of experience to do high-end legal research for U.S. law firms. Location: Bangalore, India.

Try doing an internet search for legal jobs and you’ll find scores of postings like the one above that that are a bit far from home. Welcome to the burgeoning business of legal process outsourcing (LPO), where lawyers in India do the work for a fraction of what it would cost in the United States.

Because it is cheaper to hire outside the country, some firms are hiring lawyers overseas to do work that paralegals do here. This means that law firms and legal practice groups must train paralegals and legal assistants to be competitive.

Paralegals draft pleadings, gather documentation and conduct file reviews and other investigations; they spend a good deal of their day speaking with clients explaining next steps and procedural nuances, and managing expectations.

The astute legal assistant must be extremely detailed oriented and computer savvy. A team approach to case management, random file audits for quality, and ongoing training and staff development are the keys to keeping legal assistants at the top of their game.

Legal process outsourcing has accelerated in the past two years ago, since the American Bar Association issued an ethics opinion that said it was okay for U.S. lawyers and firms to outsource legal work if they protect confidential information, ensure that the service providers are competent and suitably trained, and charge a reasonable fee for the work. That opinion came on the heels of the Florida Bar Board of Governors opinion that authorized both domestic and foreign outsourcing in Florida. Other state bar associations are expected to follow this trend.

As the trend of legal process outsourcing continues to grow, many firms in the legal community have decided to only outsource domestically. This has produced opportunities for law firms to realize significant savings in operational overhead, and even find that the level of file management expertise far exceeds what they may have been able to provide on their own.

National Legal Staffing Support is a pioneer and leading provider of legal process outsourcing (LPO). As a single resource for consumer protection law and defense firms, we offer world-class paralegal, legal support, and pre-litigation services. Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Boca Raton, Florida and boasting an extensive network of attorneys, National Legal Staffing Support leverages the power of its legal process outsourcing and becomes your front and back office support, handling client calls, case management, legal research, pleadings, filings and more. With National Legal Staffing Support (NLSS), your team grows, but your overhead does not.

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